Tuesday, 11 April 2017


One commonality in every major company is a beautiful secretary or receptionist that wears a charming

broad smile. Her clothes might not necessarily be the most expensive, her walking step might betray the

heels on her feet but one thing is certain the customers would be attracted (especially the male

counterparts) because they’ve been enchanted by her shiny teeth.

There is more to life than simply dressing well; the idiom “the way you dress is the way you’d be

addressed” is overtly appropriate but vague. A brief beautiful smile worn on a nice dress is the most

ideal and fashionable way to dress; it makes you sublime, classy and most essentially approachable,

what’s the point of being well dressed but unapproachable? People love to learn from an open-minded

person, someone they can relate with and acquire some essential sense of style.

Keep frowning and everyone would admire you from a mile away, then you’d get bitter and swell in

hardened depression because everybody is scared of getting insulted! With just a simple smile worn on

your expensive clothe reflects your confidence in who you are and what you have. You don’t need a

million naira to dress nice, cut your coat according to your size and learn to feel good about yourself,

divulge expressionism through your sense of fashion. It is the portrayal of your identity, charisma and

perception of your personality.

Every man to his ideology, I don’t know much about fashion but one thing is certified a smile on a nice

outfit makes you effortlessly attractive. if you seek to know more about fashion then check out these

fashionable personalities David Beckham, Deola Sagoe, Folake Folarin-Coker, Lanre Da Silva Ajayi,

Soares Anthony, ASAP Rocky, Janae Monae, Duro Oluwo, Bridget Awosika and your fashionable

roommate or neighbor. Put a smile on your face, thank you.

#YouAreNeverFullyDressedWithoutASmile #FashionKilla

Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Be careful what you wish for because you might get more than you deserve. She didn’t mean any harm, just a sweet innocent lady that wanted a utopian life and stray away from every shade of poverty, in her reality she craved for a vicissitude in her fortune. Today is Saturday and it’s her wedding day, dressed in white with a face masqueraded with make-up, she keeps blushing because she’s about to tie the knot with her wealthy Prince charming that she has only known for less than 6 months, but who cares he’s rich!
The ceremony was going as expected until the moment where the bishop was about to pronounce the couple husband and wife, there barged in her ex-boyfriend who she broke up with immediately after her graduation. It was a painful story, she left him after she realized that he was broke, ugly and had no degree, she neglected the fact that he saved his last penny to send her through higher institution when her parents nagged all day and her siblings stumbled upon each other just to lay their head at night; this guy gave her his heart, soul and entirety. To make matters worse, the same guy volunteered one of his kidneys when she needed a donor at the age of 18, he footed the bill and stayed by her side at the hospital against all odds just to ensure his investment didn’t crash.
Suddenly life happened, she grew up and got desperate for something more, her eyes got wide opened then she realized this guy was not in her class, she spat him out like a sour piece of meat. The man was broken-hearted; he stalked her desperately on all her social media accounts leaving messages in her mailbox, only to get shattered the more due to unrequited attention.
Well, the nice man doesn’t want to finish last, just when everyone least expected he wants his life back on her wedding day, first of all he needs the money he squandered on the girl, and then he would love to cut out his kidney that lays unappreciated in the lady. He is not here to party; he is here with a box that contains several sharp objects such as axe, cutlass, knife/dagger, needle & thread, chainsaw and a screwdriver.
Don’t be scared dear, he’ll cut out the kidney properly.
I hope the message is derived…StoryTeller


A day is coming when there would be a picket organized against the politicians and government officials of the land. A moment where there would be no form of servility amongst the domestic animals that have been underrated, all hell would break loose, rats would invoke arson and cats would tear open the roof of the demagogue’s beautiful mansion with the sole purpose of spitting on the faces of their beautiful family with whom they have enormously squandered our wealth in a foreign land.
A time is coming when the youths would voraciously seek power from the ignoramus curmudgeons controlling the affairs of the nation for almost three scores. The government’s depravity, injustice and villainous practices would be questioned, their toes would be chopped off slowly as they gnash and scream for redemption from the torture of the apathetic sociopaths who have maintained a promissory note that contains an unremitting resentment for the leaders since primary school, when they paid school teachers to lie that we are the “future leaders.” I wonder if it’s the future on earth or the ones they preserved for themselves in hell fire; y’all would get fixed sooner than later.
The politicians love to play the game of power, they want to rule and neglect the quintessential aspect of democracy which is to empower the people. Every politician is impertinent with their lying lips, stoic faces and their shambolic manifestoes which are only aimed at bamboozling the citizens into voting them into power; after they divulge empty promises they rig elections and sit on our heads like we are dummies. Keep gyrating in your ephemeral pool of opulence, I hope you recall the events of January 15, 1966 during the 1st republic, don’t let history repeat itself because I can ascertain that you will not survive to regret it.  
Entrepreneurship or Nollywood celebrity, dear politician still create job opportunities for the youths, not everyone is business inclined, we know you fly 1st class but fix our roads, your kids study oversea but we are full blooded homeboys and girls we need a standard and conducive academic environment, pay our parents their pension they’ve served this nation avidly with their hearts out on diverse levels, etc. play your role or simply quit, you’ve embezzled the nation’s wealth prodigiously already.
Rats have been everywhere ladies and gentlemen, in the sewage, gutter, dustbin, drainage pipe, abandoned cars etc that’s why they are dangerous when they perch on our food due to their venom, one day if care is not taken then the unemployed youth, hooligan, illiterate, rebel and the revolutionaries after toiling the streets of Nigerian for several years would decimate and eliminate the dysfunctional head of state, remember there is venom in the youth yet to be unleashed. Enough is enough, after embezzling billions of dollars y’all deserve to be lynched, thoughtless liars.
This is a warning shot… All Power to the People!

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Marriage messages to young guys and ladies

I wish I had read and understood this earlier in life.


MISTAKE YOU YOUNG GUYS MUST NOT DO.  Marry now with the little you have. Don't wait to be a millionaire, Have kids early so they grow along with you. Grow with your spouse and kids and succeed with them. Start your life now as you might still not succeed at your target age.

Many people have waited to make so much money before they get married,  years later money has refused to come, still no wife, no kids.

When you've found true love don't hesitate waiting for money, it  may mean waiting till eternity.

So many  young guys are pretending not to be financially buoyant enough to marry but are already living couples life, so many girls are even wasting away on our streets as sex toys for men old enough to be their grandfather still they tell you they are not matured enough for marriage.

When you marry early, you get preoccupied with your spouse and not end up as "pubic utility " for all and sundry, good enough your kids grow along with you. Stop looking for a "ready made" spouse, work your spouse's  success with him/her grow your wealth together it gives you a sense of belonging and you'll have a say. 

If you have means, pls marry early, don't wait till you see your friends' kids graduating  while you still have yours in kindergarten classes, don't wait to be 60 years and you still have kids in elementary school, don't have kids young enough to be your grandchildren.

Contentment comes not  from much wealth but fewer wants, don't wait to buy Range Sport or build Mansions before you start you matrimony, ask your parents where and how they started, you'll see that you're even better off.

Trust me, it isn't money that brings happiness but contentment, be happy with the little you've got, grow with your spouse and pray for more.

For the ladies, why wait?, when it's even detrimental to your health to bear children late, why not do the needful while still at your prime?,  very many who are waiting for "Mr Rich"
ended up as second wife,  single parent,  baby-Mama, very many never even married.

Don't be deceived waiting for that man who can afford Peruvian wig, designer bags and cutest of wears, those guys are non existent else you'll end up as money ritual material.

Pls young guys,  take my advice seriously, settle down early, don't delay yourself waiting for a big society wedding, the ceremony is just few hours while marriage is lifetime, no matter how much you spend on wedding ceremony, yours won't be the best and no matter how little you can afford, yours won't be the worst, you'll always be somewhere in-between, so why worry yourself?.

Take this as a sincere advise from me.


Thursday, 23 March 2017

Policeman killed one, injured two in Jos

An unfortunate event occured yesterday at about 12:30pm when some youths were conveying one of their own who lost his life due to long time illness.

According to an eye witness, its usually the tradition of the community that when a life is being lost someone do act as a traffic officer to control the road. The incident which happened around a nearby police station in anguwar rogo metropolitan of Jos, Plateau state, as there was a link between the police station and the said community.

Trouble started, when one of the policeman at post near the scene named Ali confronted the guy serving as the traffic officer, that why should he allowed just a single lane to be passing. according to the report from the eye witness he got an unfair respond from the said youth, which made the officer to arrest and detained him in the cell. On hearing the story, the youth who went to attend the funeral of the deceased broke into the station and took the boy by force, saying its the duty of the police to control the traffic by the side and they didn't and now they are arresting someone who took the charge to help.

This event lead to a verbal confrontation between the youths, elders and the policemen at post, in a blink of an eye, the crowd was becoming unbearable and the police officer to scared away the youths retaliated by shooting. In that act three of the youths were hit, one died immediately, while the other two were been rushed to the hospital.

 It took the help of the special task force at sector two to bring calmness to the community. Please we the youths should learn to abide by rules and regulations and not to take laws into our hands.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Do you actually think the upper chamber and lower chamber really doing their jobs

It's one thousand and sixty-seven days since the abduction of girls from GGSS Chibok. We pray for their unconditional release and may the Almighty safe guard our gallant and able armies.

Today's edition of citizen reports is about the upper chamber(the senate). What do you think about our legislators, are they actually doing their work to serve and represent the national interest or serving their personal interest. This is where the question about colonel Hameed Ali comes, current controller general of custom. Why should the Senates be laying emphasis on issues that have nothing to contribute to the national interest. Is it that, the uniform is the one doing the work or the man. If few cabals among the senators have grudges with him that shouldn't be on uniform.

Hundreds of Nigerians are being killed all over the world, what's their stance on that. What policies have they passed to protect the interests of our people worldwide. Rather they sit back enjoying themselves and gaining cheap popularity over  nothing. Take a look at xenophobic issues in South Africa, how long do they deliberate on the issue before sweeping it under the red carpet. This is a national issue, the Senate should remember they are there to serve the interest of the nation than gaining cheap popularity. They need to strike a balance against self proclaimed ego

Friday, 17 March 2017

University of Jos releases admission list

For the past one month, many admissions seekers who applied for admission into the university have been trooping in and out to check and know if the list will be out soon. The list was finally released to the school portal yesterday. You can just sit home and click the link below to see your name. Please do not panic if your name is not on the list yet, as the school management according to the ICT department are still uploading the name.You can leave a comment for update. mis.unijos.edu.ng/ug/portal