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    I hope it’s safe to say all creatures are beautiful I mean both man and woman alike, we all deserve to be admired, appreciated and loved, and it should be our birthright. Everyone has something beautiful to offer, just that our society has streamlined the definition of beauty to a light-skinned busty lady or a tall, dark and handsome gee, that’s cool but what would then happen to the individual that does not naturally possess this attribute, that’s when insecurity and inferiority complex begin to set in, just because I am unable to attain the standards of certain group of people that call themselves the elite then I become fake and untrue to myself, that’s nothing but bullshit!
    Today I say fuck them and their ideologies, I denounce every form of societal definition of beauty, the level of inferiority complex is on the rise, in fact who did perfection help? I can never be perfect, neither can anyone, people tell lies a lot so does the mirror, don’t stare and look away, stare and seek wholesomeness in who you are. Bless us with that beautiful smile that heals our sobbing heart, crack that joke that kills boredom, use those beautiful words that relegates fear and anxiety, wear that beautiful fragrance, prepare that well garnished food, your intelligence, your character, your beautiful soprano voice that penetrates through my deaf ears, your gift & talent, your big, bold & beautiful shape, your charisma, confidence, authenticity, your selective shyness, the nice fruit salad you make, your graceful spirit of hospitality, your sense of style & fashion, your beautiful mind, your carriage, the way you stand up for the weak, your perspective about life, your beautiful methodology of observation & assimilation the game of life like a grandmaster, your skin texture, you crazy & cool personality, dammit everything about you is beautiful. If everyone can portray their beautiful side a little more, the world would definitely be a beautiful place, I know that.
    Beauty cannot be shelled into only physical appearance, its everything you do about life, let no man categorize who you are or what they think you should be, you’re loaded with sublime potential. Lastly, if nobody wants you on their squad it’s because your carriage is much perpetual than theirs, fear nothing be real.

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