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    Hi, please do not be deceived there is money in the land, resourceful fruits on the tree, abundance of wealth in the sea and undiscovered gold underground. Africa the second most populated nation in the world is surreptitiously blossoming in milk and honey but the people are inhibitory to the beauty of its environs due to the nefarious and deceitful putrid greed-stricken politicians who covetously gulp the nations fund into their loophole stomachs. The politicians paint themselves as saints and heroes when they hypocritically provide borehole and tap water for a community during campaigns, then they make front page news courtesy of their mediocre works while trying to form loyalist.
    Go into the shanties and inner rooms of the city, there is poverty in the land; the average man is languishing in the manipulative manifestoes of the leaders.  We dwell in a society where leaders are irritatingly corrupt and nonchalant about the welfare of the citizens, they’ve failed to provide basic amenities for the wellness of the people and they don’t fancy pulling up the average citizen to the top class of the ladder, to them it’s all about power. Africa is enormously blessed, over $8.5 billion worth of diamond are mined from African countries annually… where did all the money go?
    In whose account is the money preserved? It would remain a rhetorical question until the people are willing to hear an answer.
    There is fire on the mountain but the people could care less because it doesn’t affect their household, they’re dragging their feet because they are comfortable with being average, a job, a house and death. Terrorism and cultural animosity would annul us faster than we can envisage, religious crisis would extinct our peace of mind and personal deceit could eventually lead to our detriment in the world economy if we don’t act fast. Every time I tune to CNN or BBC all I see is a report on Africa’s continuous struggle with hunger and poverty, we are seen as burden.
    We don’t need deliverance neither do we need any approach of charity, we are in dire need of Commerce and long term appropriation of both our cultural and economical values; everybody is a symbol of progress. The past elites of Africa have failed to address its present because they were myopically intoxicated by power, hence the present must create its own path to the future. We need an industrial revolution not neccesarily shambolic hustling.
    In life, we need either inspiration or desperation to move forward, the ball is in our court.
    #MorninGinger #BurdenAfricanna

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