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    I mean no disrespect but only a fool would wake up on his 50th birthday and say he wants to become a footballer. He departs his family, carries his boot, soccer kits and commences rigorous physical exercises because he wants to chase a professional soccer career, but didn’t nobody tell the old man that he is only mocking his old age. No matter how determined he is, he can only play football for fun no team would sign him because there are several youngsters who still have the gift of time, tenacity, heart, energy and dream in them.
    Now my question, what was the old man doing during his adolescent phase, 20s and early 30s?
    I have no idea too but I know the 50s is a wrong period to chase that reality, it’s too late sir I must confess. Now that we are still young our hands need to be on deck, only if you are of course the sluggard but then that’s another issue. A time is coming in life when the day would be too long and nights would be short as the lights flick on irritatingly, responsibility would begin to beckon upon us like we owed it one, cycle of fatherhood and motherhood would dawn on us with the package of nuclear and extended family as well as insurmountable financial responsibility.
    Are you ready for the future?
    In the future, everything about now would be a memory; our choices today would determine if it’s going to be a bountiful affair or an impecunious one or a mere rancorous example for the future generation. No magic can do the thinking for us, we can’t sit on the fence at all times this is a period when we need to LEARN, REFLECT and ACT on creating our tomorrow, yesterday is in the past and its forever going to be at the back of our heart so let the mantra be “forward ever.”
    I know we will come out glorious eventually, tomorrow will be beautiful but first let’s get our priorities aligned, have faith in God, believe in yourself and build a strategic healthy relationship, fear not for your future self would be proud of you. I am optimistic our kids will ball; they’ll never stare at us like the 50-years-old fool who got the essentiality of life wrong, that’s all I have to say be blessed!
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