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    Kogi state also known as the confluence state, is one of the state blessed with abundant of mineral resources and man power, but yet, has nothing to show off due to its leaders in abilities to culture the numerous and vast opportunities presenting itself into usage. Kogi state been among the last state created by, General Ibrahim Badamassi Babangida administration from August 27, 1991- October 1996. The state created includes Abia state, Edo, Delta, Jigawa and few more to mention.
    Taking a statistical value of economic contribution, infrastructural development and man power/talent development of all these states, Kogi state is no match of any due to its clueless,vision-less and passion-less leaders.
                    2015, which makes the era of new political system and structure across the country, brings about a wave of political change which some set of individual have been long clamoring and a breath of hope to the common man on the street. It didn’t just come with wind of power change, but also, performed a miracle that created a history in Kogi state and also stirred a constitutional logjam. Though, most have glamour for power shift, but never thought it could be achieved on a platter of gold like the one that brought the incumbent governor in person of his Excellency  Yahaya Bello to power as is fourth democratically elected governor.  Though, inexperience but with a good background one will thought that he can never be curbed into politics of god-fatherism and creating a more divided system of governance in the state, which has suffered a lopsided system of governance for ages.
    Kogi state being a multi-tribe state needs leaders that have the interest of the state as a whole, not just a one-sided and a biased leader, a leader who can practice justice, create equity and unity among the different ethnics clans, not a leader who is committed to a certain zone in respect of the other zones. For the aims of every voter either in support or against is to benefit and gain from the dividends of democracy. Then, is Kogi state and its people gaining and enjoying the dividends of democracy, or are they being governed by a young, gallant and vision-less leader who chooses to travel from one place to another and filling and enriching the pocket of stakeholders who are supposed to take the state to the next level like the other states.
                    It’s quite disturbing and alarming, that despite the huge inflow of resource to the state, particularly from the federal government, the present administration lack a blueprint on how to plan, manage and invest into is people. A state with abundant and comparative advantage about 29 mineral deposited in commercial quantities beneath its soil, more than any other state in the country. But yet, has no leader to tapped and create opportunities out of these mineral resources. How do you expect a state to move further when it cannot boast of an indigenous own television station, which would have serve as a means of show casing the different cultural heritage, uniting them, and creating job opportunities for its graduate, which are all scattered about in search of white collar jobs . Also, the state is blessed with water ways yet, there are no leaders with plans and genuine efforts to develop the marine transport sector in the state.

    It wasn’t an amazing issue when the state Governor was listed among the under-performing governor in the country, either been listed or not, creating a new sense of governance and atmosphere should be what the current administration should be thinking of, rather than playing a mite and cat system of governance like its predecessors. As the passed leader names has become shadow of themselves. This is because none of them ever thought of leaving a better legacy behind. Leadership should be about leaving a better legacy behind, not about sharing the common tax payer money and national cakes among the political class, elites, traditional rulers. These resources wave into the pockets of the state stakeholders will go a long way in re-branding the state in terms of education, health, infrastructure and youths empowerment. And the people can enjoy the full dividends of democracy.

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