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    Never belittle those lonely nights because they will always occur. It’s a time to be alive in yourself by ruminating about the affairs of your life, calculating the distance you ought to have covered in your lifetime but due to laziness, procrastination, unforeseen circumstances and fear of the unknown you keep running in circles. Nights like this we need to take heed and pray for a better tomorrow but when we keep poke nosing and gnashing our teeth on irrelevant and irreverent discussions then we could be caught sleeping on a bicycle.
    Remember those lonely nights when you ought to be at the gym sweating out the unnecessary fat you have gathered, but instead you chose to sit on your couch swallowing amala merged with fufu and egusi soup with your big fat hand holding a bottle of maltina believing in the lie that maltina will magically keep you trim. Those lonely nights when you were supposed to speak with your crush but instead you lay on your bed watching blue film with your left hand firmly placed in your pants, how sad? Those lonely nights when you were supposed to bake that cake but due to indiscipline you ate it infront of the television while watching African Magic, you keep delaying your progress. My friend you better wake up oh!
    Discover yourself tonight, pray until something happens, call up that client to discuss business, do research and commence work on your final year project, pay your debt, the list of the activities are enormous. Remember joy comes in the morning, but only for those that weep at night.
    Do have a good night rest.

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