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  • To All War Mongers In Nigeria


    I have watched Hotel Rwanda more than 10times, Sometimes in April more
    than 15times, I watched these movies back in my university days, I
    love the soundtrack by Wyclef Jean "million voices" in fact uptil date
    it remains one of my favorite song. Apart from the wonderful cast of
    which 95% of it were not even Rwandans, there was a great story there,
    one of the silent message which I remember one of the white characters
    echoed was that "Africans are savages, so let them kill themselves, it
    is not our war" you see it is on record that the Rwandan Genocide,
    which of us it took them (whites) years after the war to accept that
    it was a genocide, and that is because they believe we are animals and
    savages,  was the fastest Genocide in world history, within 3 days
    seventh thousands people (70,000 ) were dead, and what happened in the
    end, UN and other international bodies stepped in and ask both parties
    to stop the killings, today Rwanda is still Rwanda and the Hutis and
    Tutis are still Rwandans,  in fact one of the White character in
    "Sometimes in April" said to him the only difference between the Hutis
    and Tutis  was the skin colour. I tell you the Rwandans are still
    healing their scars and movies are made in several stories about
    According to the movies it took the international organization weeks
    before they finally sat to even look at the situation and agree to
    mobilize forces into Rwanda, and guess how many forces they sent? Not
    even up to one batallion of our soldiers. Both the international
    countries that promised both parties support, pulled out immediately
    when the first shot was fired, I  don't think there is any country out
    there that can afford to send it's army to Nigeria, if is oil,
    everyone has it,  in fact it is cheaper than water now, moreover they
    are more concerned about Middle East and protection of Israel,  take a
    look at what is happening in Syria,  most of us have even forgotten
    that there is a war going on in there and the county is now in
    complete Ashes, imagine how their refugees walked across Europe and
    were rejected,  Syria has a good image both in the Arab gulf and
    Europe, is it us that everyone is avoiding and have tagged criminals
    that will be allowed into another country.

    For those of Us exchanging threat upon threat, let me tell you what
    will happen, someone will shoot first and yes we will kill plenty of
    each other, probably for some few weeks or months and then the so
    called international countries will seat and decide just as they did
    before and with Rwanda, and they will ask both sides to come into a
    political agreements, open international court, arrest and blacklist
    some people and the case closed and we are back to Gidan jiya

    For those of us that are using Biro to draw and carve out imaginary
    maps, a country is not just a geographical settings, it goes beyond
    that, there are policies, culture, ideologies and foundations, and you
    can not just bring people together by just drawing lines with Biro on
    a piece of Large paper.

    There is a need to rethink this our approach, there are better ways to
    separate a union, not by blood or threats and importantly not through
    the mirrors of some people's personal greed and hunger for

    Unless Each and everyone of us have at least two Million Naira in
    foreign currencies by October 1st, because believe you me when the
    bullets start flying, you will know that War is not about sweet words
    on facebook post or movies and books, some of us need to ask the
    people of Gamborou Ngala, Goza,Maiduguri,Mubi, Jos to have a denifintion of what war can be.

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