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  • Whisper In The Wind

    Please understand this,
    It is social media hence it’s autonomous,
    There is freedom of thought
    And the unrestricted right to speak.
    Anybody can run their mouth on this internet street,
    Mind what you say because all eyes are watching,
    Be careful where you comment because
    Some nefarious bees can sting.
    Please understand me,
    The social media is not necessarily the portrayal of reality,
    It is just an avenue to post beautiful pictures you edited,
    Share ideas you eavesdropped,
    Crack stolen jokes and meet ethnocentric people.
    On here no one is right neither is anyone wrong,
    Our ideologies differ, also our perception of reality.
    Please understand one thing,
    This bon hommie tool has several advantages and benefits,
    It is enormous but nonetheless everything in life has a flipside.
    It’s your life, your choice
    Believe anything and everything at your disposal.
    Please understand that I am hungry,
    Let me devour the chicken and chips with milkshake I just bought.
    I hope you understand what I said, bye bye!

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